Monday, February 28, 2011

OK we're good =D

Things seem to have shaken themselves back in to place and I will be returning comments asap

I would like to share with you guys the weirdest player, the guy with no game game on season 1 episode 10 of keys to the vip.

watch all parts, this is just part 1. It will make you laugh hard and scratch your head at how he succeeds..

This guy leads me in to an important point. You can LIE to pick up girls.. I never do it..but in all honesty it is the easiest thing ever and one of the best ways to pick up chicks. You can be anyone you want to be that has done anything, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be boring if you just lie like crazy. Create different identities, have fun with it. Girls seriously believe anything.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I don't understand, no cashflow for a while....

That being said. Never buy girls drinks or anything ever.


Friday, February 25, 2011

2 #'s in the last 2 days

I got a few numbers in the last couple days from some cuties, and could have gotten more. Here are some things I've been doing..
behaving very relaxed, throwing in big smiles, deep and heavy eye contact and touching these girls right off the bat. I also always have a very direct approach, I don't do the friend zone thing, they always know what I'm about. I tell em they are cute. I'm also always throwing an arm around a shoulder, touching on the arm sincerely when explaining things, and putting a hand on a leg when I feel they're ready. Touching girls right in the beginning is a MUST, you then gradually up the touches to more sexual places, you don't just put your hand on a bum out right.

Search up KINO escalation on youtube n watch all parts.

Your welcome ;)

This is pretty much the key, watch your life change


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Post

I still reply to comments even when I don't have a new post, just so y'all know =P. I been a bit busy so a proper post will come soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Listening to women and more convo skills

If you like to blab on and on, restrict yourself a bit. It's better to listen then to be all excited and spill your life's story to girls you just met. Stay a bit mysterious but not annoyingly concealed. Listen to what is being said but stay in control of the conversation by asking questions and stuff like that. Take the time when you are listening to think of a good subject to talk or ask questions about - or a witty response to what is being said. Make sure the topic isn't stupid or boring, talk in the others interest. Before you say something or start on a topic, imagine what you are going to be talking about would be recorded and shown on tv or something like it REALLY worth talking about and cool? or is it boring, pointless and embarrassing. Speak quite slow and with emphasis like its very important.

Pull this all off with minimal pause, don't sit there thinking for 5 seconds between exchanges or questions.. it needs to be bang on right away, and this comes with practice . Good luck playas, get your dates and lays.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Eyes and their optimization

The way your eyes look matters. Take a look at sex symbols or rockstars that get tons of women.., check out their eyes. They always look like they just got laid.. very relaxed but not droopy. It's important to have your eyes look like this because it is seductive. Anytime I personally have hit on girls and it goes well, I notice my eyes looking like this. Check it out and see if you notice a difference. After you get laid, go check your eyes in the mirror and remember what they look like, this is how they should always be for maximum seductive EYEPOWAAA!!
I Craft Yo eyeballs into



Friday, February 11, 2011

Touching for group entry AWYEAA

I can't stress enough how important it is to touch ladies if you opening on em. Don't be scared to walk up to a group of girls and throw your arms over their shoulders n tell em what up. Make sure you go in with a gameplan tho so you don't end up choking and standing there awkwardly with your arms on their shoulders ahahah. When you roll up n put your arms or hands on girls it opens the group for you, its like a coconut and you breakin it open. Doing something alpha like that immediately gets you all their undivided attention and shows them that you are confident. This works good in a club, not necessarily in dark alleyways so use some discretion playas. Think up what your gonna say n go ALL IN, no hesitation no backin out. If it goes sour, just laugh n be like whatever peace.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Up your heads freshness!

U want to pick up more ladies? Get some earrings peoples. Gettin some princess cut stones in your ear are easily a 20% increase of freshness of your head =D. You're gonna look better, you're gonna be excited to be looking different and better and it will get you pumped and confident to go pick up some chicks.

Check out how earrings look on you first by getting some of those magnetic or clamp on ones, because a very tiny percentage of people out there look like crap with earrings. But I'm sure you will all look SUPERFRESH!! AWYEAAA.

Have fun guys and get those dates and one night stands!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Links I have mentioned about

As there have been a few questions about the videos I was talking about,
here are various links relating to pickin up girls and what I have been speaking about in other posts.

Dance tutorial vids.

footwork dance god steps

freestep tutorial (I don't know the language but you can just watch and emulate the steps)

Both very good tutorials, just take what you want from both videos and create your own style so you can GET LADIES YEHHH!
Also search up on the dougie and jerking tutorials. There's plenty just find em. Here's a link for the dougie

Here's some Pick up artist stuff on KEYS TO THE VIP!! , this is a good episode as it shows a very gifted pick up artist named CAJUN who proves to you that looking attractive isn't everything ahahah, he has mad skill, analyze him.

Enjoy the Links guys I'm sure you will learn something and have a laugh.


Friday, February 4, 2011

The chance

When you randomly see a fine girl and you want her, and there's the moment where your eyes cross or you might get a smile, ACT ON IT. Don't miss your chance. If she walks away you're never going to see her again, so whats the worst that can happen? At this moment, when you feel that elevated feeling it is your chance to shine. If you are shy just OVERCOME it, walk over there, hold that eye contact, read up on the body language tips n everything I've written and work that game, get that number pimps. Live every day like its your last.

side note : if you don't have the guts to do this, STOP FAPPING and you're body will MAKE you have the guts, cuz gettin girls is a need like food and if you're fappin your just in effect eatin ramen with no flavor. GET DAT CHEESE STEAK SUN!.



Thursday, February 3, 2011

A few conversational skill tips

First off I'll say that these tips are universal, they work with guys and girls. But as this is a blog about pickin up ladies for the most part, I will say girls.

Try to let the other person talk about themselves as much as possible. Girls love talking about themselves and what they are doing in their life. If they aren't to interested in talking so much, a very good thing to do is talk to the other person about themselves - If you talk to a girl about themselves they will listen for hours. It's very easy to generalize things that people want to hear or what most girls think about themselves. It will make you seem super intredasting and you will be wanted.

I used this on a girl a few days ago for the first time with unbelievable results. I will be using it again for sure.

This works over text, computer and in person regardless. If you are in person make sure your holding that eye contact for the most part, as always you will be rewarded for your undeniable gaze.


And to all you guys who enjoy the pics on my blog, I will be updating them every once in a while to keep em fresh, cuz this is the FRESHNESS BLOGG !!! get out there and go get laid.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Followin the dance tips

There's some good (and free) videos to teach beginners dance steps so you can get off your butt and dance at clubs. Search up beginner club dance steps on youtube, or footwork tutorials. Practice, and watch your confidence rise big time. Also learn the dougie, girls love that.

Chriskhaos has good tutorials
Soulja Boy has good snap dances n dougie vids
Random asian guy has tons of videos on everything, search up beginner club dance steps and you'll find him

Get some dance skills n you will be pickin up girls no matter what. Even if you are the geekiest, ugliest lookin person and all the style tips can't save you, you do a good dougie n you'll pick up a girl.

Put in the work, and like anything in life you will get results. 1 hour a day and you'll be killin it in no time.


Clarence MILLER

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Try something new

If you're tired of looking at what you see in the mirror, its time to try something new. Getting some new clothes and style, I have found , is a huge confidence booster. Go to the best barber and ask for something new. Try on some new footwear and clothes, stuff you never thought would good on you might just blow you away. Get a new cologne. Try something weird and different.

Peacocking is wearing flashy, strange or abnormal stuff to stand out from the people around you. It makes you more interesting and draws attention to you. Don't blend into the bland crowd. Either be well dressed or try some crazy flashy stuff. If anyone questions you on it, just tell em you like it and end of story.


If anyone has questions for further posts lemme know.