Sunday, January 30, 2011

Any Canadians! This is an important message.

I was recently made aware of corporations trying to rob us of bandwidth and money. Sign this petition its super easy, has 150 000 sigs already including mine. The CRTC is screwing around, I hope some hackers make it their mission to destroy anyone who supports this evil thievery and destroy this garbage at the roots. This is another attempt at controlling internet usage and freedom and digging a bigger hole in your pocket.

If this takes roots in canada it will spread like a virus through the world.

Lets teach these clowns not to mess with the people.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

sum funny stuff

Watch yourself sum Keyes to the VIP if you aint seen it before. really funny show bout pick up artists competing against each other. Might learn something watching it too.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Your demeanor

You should always seem relaxed but never boring. Speak with hand movements for emphasis and to keep people interested. Make your movements slow and deliberate like you are super important. Make sure your tone of voice is not monotonous to keep things interesting.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 Bro's!

I have hit 100 Followers today. Thank you very much for supporting and following my blog, I appreciate all the comments and will pop by everyone's blogs as soon as possible. I truly believe that reading my blog will improve the quality of your life dramatically and have you dating women as fast as possible by stepping up your game big time or helping out those who are already gifted. (or atleast get you some one night stands)

I will take this chance to post a post to help out everyone out there blogging and remind anyone who missed this important stuff.

1. turn off your captcha homies, it makes life a lot more easier. Get into settings > comments> word verification - turn off.
2. post once a day so you are easy to find on the feed, and drop by your friends once a day to check out everyones sweet posts, everyone has something important and interesting to say. make sure you do tha  2 0 s e czzz.

thanks everyone,


Clarence Miller

Anyone that follows and supports me regularly make sure that I have you followed as well, always leave your blog address in at least your first comment to me otherwise I won't know to follow you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get some skills

It's never too late to learn some cool skills. You ever seen a good dancer or singer without ladies? absolutely not. Humans are like animals, and if you watch animals  - they have mating dances and calls / songs to get mates. Humans are similar, we only differ that we have complicated speech and if you got enough verbal skills you can get ladies.. but singing / dancing is far more powerful. Dancing is an amazing thing to learn and will make your life a million times better. Not only will you be more happy and healthy but you will have a good time if you go out to clubs / gatherings. Take classes and you will be meeting a lot of fun people and lots of fine ladies. If you are good at dancing or atleast willing to let loose, you can go out alone and hit up the dance floor. You won't go home alone - or you will atleast get to know people and have a good laugh. Take some steps to better your life, this is one that will make a huge difference.

Hope you're all doin well,

Clarence Miller

P.s. Almost at 100!!!! =D =D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting more people and social skills training

The best way to meet people, including more women is to do something not related to meeting them. Sign up for  classes of some sort, go to as many events as possible. Get a job if you don't have one, or get another one where you will be interacting with people (restaurants = waitresses). The ultimate way to get used to talking and opening to people is doing sales. You will talk to a ton of people every time you work and will get shut down so many times that soon you will not have any fear or inhibitions of talking to strangers or getting denied. Your social skill will increase tenfold in a month in the very least.

As with everything, you should be trying as hard as you can at stepping up your social skills and your game. It is your job in life to get the finest women you can, so if you are not satisfied - get on it.

Thanks everyone and let me know how it goes.
Any questions are happily answered

See you soon,


Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting tested by women and what to do

When you open on girls you're gonna get tested. Its just the way things are..girls are programmed to test you to see if you're a confident male. Sometimes they will say judgemental things about your style, clothing and what you are talking about. Get used to it and prepare yourself because if you fail your tests you aint gettin shit ;).

1. Stay confident and positive at all times
2. Let any insults you receive roll off you like rain, just laugh at any jokes directed towards you like you don't give a shit and continue on mackin (maybe say something like "thats funny"). Don't dwell on your test at all. (or if you're in a group you can ignore the tester while you talk to the others).
3. If a girl you're hanging out with judges your clothes or style simply put it at "well I think its sweet" or "whatever I like it" and continue on.
4. Judges on your conversation will happen if you lack communication skill (or the girl lacks it which is also common). So if you have no friends to talk to then hop on a site like omegele (random chat rooms) and talk to random people you have never met, your social skills will improve.

Glad to see you all, I'll be by soon


Thursday, January 20, 2011

A note on texting

Texting has become the most used form of communication nowadays so you gotta know what your doing. BBM (blackberry messenger) is excellent to talk to girls with, its instant, it takes away the girls nervousness that calling brings and you can tell if they read your message =P, consider getting a blackberry simply for this, it opens a social network and if someone wont give you a number, they'll probably give you their BBM.

When messaging, be short and to the point. Tell the girl what you want, be confident. Dont be bitchmade / uberrespectful. ex. "Maybe if you would like to come you could try" type of shit. Thats a wimp talking, try this = "You should come out, I need a lady to cuddle with later" still somewhat innocent but you getting the point across. (also depends on how much the girl is feelin you and what kind of a vibe you gave off when you met her).

A huge point in all this is PATIENCE. Dont be talking your ass off, if you say something you wait for her reply no matter how long it takes, if it never comes she wasn't feelin you and you go get another girl. Dont waste your time asking a million questions, tell her what you want and she'll either do it or she won't.

Dont change plans for a girl. If you say come meet me here and she instead says go meet here there, dont budge, tell her nevermind then. Stay in charge and wait it out, she'll come and you will gain respect, chances are you lose it if you go. (Obviously if you live in sum shit apartment n she got a fat house n hot tub get your ass over there)

A good sign is when girls start texting you first after receiving a number, this means they are interested and your game plan is workin out for you ;), if you are at this point keep doin what your doing.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cockiness and Humbleness

Don't EVER be cocky people. Never ever in even the smallest way. I learned this the hard way trust me. I've had a chance with pretty much every hot girl that has ever crossed my path and for a lot of my life I messed up with ALL. Cockiness is a huge turn off and will get you nothing.

Humbleness is the key. As hard as it was for me and im sure is for some of you, be humble, at all times. When you are humble, others instead of YOU will start talking about your good traits and commenting you and trust me that feels way better. Any of you cocky guys out there try this and watch your life transform for the better.

Hope your all doing well


Monday, January 17, 2011

2 Huge game killers

2 things almost guaranteed to mess your game up

1. Fapping... you will lose your drive to get girls instantly. Why go out when you can just pleasure yourself from the comfort of your own home! Seems like a good idea but you will regret it every time. Store up the energy and use it to propel your game in the right direction. You need all the drive you can get to overcome any shyness / insecurity and actually get off your butt and do what needs to be done.

2. Smoking Weed. Instant game killer. If you smoke weed and are trying to overcome any insecurities and shyness you WILL FAIL. If you are stoned and try to pick up a girls you WILL FAIL..unless they are stoner girls ;)...but EVEN THEN. Anyone who is lacking girls and smoking weed, stop smoking weed and you will instantly step your game up big time.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Negging and a sidenote

Negging is basically saying playfully rude/critical things/jokes to a girl to get her to like you more... sounds dumb right? well it kind of is. Unless its done well it WILL HURT YOUR GAME....don't get me wrong it has worked and can work for you but I would say avoid it. You can do much better being a confident and interesting, than confident , interesting and critical or mean. A mean comment or joke will usually net one in return and I personally am not one for getting insulted. If you do neg and get insulted , or any other time , just laugh it off.

P.S. - No that is not me in the pictures lol.

Which leads me to a sidenote, NEVER EVER listen to dating, relationship and pick up "advice" from women..EVER. YOU WILL FAIL, SO BAD....1 exception, if they are big professionals in the matter or high level psychologists it can be another story.

The things I am writing in this blog are things learned through trial and error, practice, many many hours of reading psychological studies, books and testimonials by pick up artists. Don't listen to some girl about pickin up girls because they have never done it, and can't tell you how it is to be a guy picking up girls, Comprende?

I am only saying this because I have seen many guys ask girls for advice on the internet, making me facepalm every time at the responses. Many times girls will date the guy that has all the opposite traits that they list.

More to come soon,
Clarence Miller

Friday, January 14, 2011


Everyone who hasn't done this , do yourself an awesome favor! Turn off CAPTCHA!! this makes it easier for your awesome friends to post on your awesome content.

1. Go to settings tab
2. Comment subsection
3. Scroll down to WORD VERIFICATION - select OFF
4. Save settings

Thanks guys, Roll back soon for player tips, freshness and tips to step up your game.

Clarence Miller

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eye Contact - Make it dont break it.

Eye contact is one of the biggest things that people mess up when socializing and is super important in all facets of communication with people not just picking up dating women. Being able to hold eye contact shows that you are confident and or dominant depending on how you go about it. Staring down the biggest guy isn't always the smartest idea but you can see what a huge effect eye contact has - it starts fights...and this power can be used instead to get you laid.

Anytime you talk to a woman or anyone in general, hold eye contact for as long as you can. This shows them that you are confident and sincere which is #1.

Another reason - and feel free to try this out. WHEN you hold EYE CONTACT for 4 seconds, ENDORPHINS are released in both peoples heads makin you feel good. And I believe the hotter the girl, the better it feels.

Practice looking everyone in the eyes all the time especially strangers. The way to avoid seeming like you want to fight people is to be SMILING when you do it. The combo will do the trick, post results!


1 SUPER easy thing to get you ahead...Smile

Smiling lets people know that you are open, fun and happy. No one really wants to hang out with a grouchy unhappy negative person. Anytime you talk to a girl or you cross eyes you should smile. Not only will it open doors (or legs =P) , it will make you feel better as well. Anytime you are feeling unhappy just put on the biggest smile for 10 seconds and i guarantee you will feel better.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I just recently found the most efficient way to go through all your fellow followers blogs the best without overloading your system.
 Read this :
 Just put all the blog urls you want to open in a folder in bookmarks. Just right click on that folder and select "Open All in Tab". It's faster and more can drag, drop, duplicate, rename, etc.
Make groupings of Blogs from 5-10 or however many your comp can handle comfortably and begin commenting on your friends blogs.

Thanks for reading, i hope everyone's blogging experience gets smoother and more fun.

Clarence Miller

A sidenote

Get your friends involved, learning to pick up girls should be a fun process. Go out in a group and film each other for some laughs and send links so i can see your progress, take vids from the back if you want to conceal your identity. Hook up your friends and fellow bloggers with a link to this blog and get em to follow so they can study and soon you will all experience a far better life.
Message me your blogs as well, I would like to know more about you guys. Comment any questions for a quick answer.

And guys...Follow these instructions, practice, and I'll have you dating finer women than you could have ever imagined in no time.

Clarence Miller

Posture , Confidence and Dominance

The way you stand , sit and move are all very important. They can tell you A LOT about a person, meaning that they also tell a lot about you. Now that you know this you can use this to your advantage to better your life. Many of these things are subconscious to people but if you follow this advice you will notice positive change with males and females alike.

1. Standing. When you stand , generally stand chest out chin up...almost like a soldier. NO SLOUCHING. Learn to stand properly straight. At first it might be a bit of work if you have been slouching for a long time but here are some things to help you out - Chiropractor ..they will straighten you out to start off, they work miracles on your health believe it or not. - Do lower back workouts/ running/swimming. this will help you stand straight easier and make you feel much better. Not only will you display dominance and confidence standing straight with chin will also be several inches taller, again a huge benefit.

 2. Sitting/Relaxing. When you are sitting/ leaning or laying. TAKE UP SPACE.. As much as you can, aslong as you look relaxed. ex. sitting, lay your arms on the nearby chairs, put your foot on another - this signifies that you are dominant and confident because that space is YOURS (obviously give someone a chair if they need it, dont be a prick). I was once complimented on the way I ate pizza, i was standing , leaning on a counter deeply one arm supporting me, head back , slowly relaxedly feeding myself like a roman back in the day would feed himself grapes. When laying down , spread your legs and your arms and just be as comfortable as possible, drape your arms and legs over chairs/ couches - People notice.

3. Moving. When you move make your moves slow and deliberate, you are important so move like you are important. Walk relaxed and with purpose. You can swag walk moving your shoulders, or walk tall and relaxed. Check out youtube and search up how cool people walk and what looks good to you, dont shuffle around like a pussy, dont drag your feet.

Tons more to come people - this will all go into far more detail. How to open, converse, facial expression, tone of voice and a hell of a lot more body language lessons will be taught aswell as - WHAT GIRLS WANT. I am here to help anyone that needs it personally, leave a comment and I'll help you out.

Clarence Miller

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Practice Method

Consider this a workshop for growing balls.

Tomorrow go to a public place and walk up to any girl.. or hardmode - group of girls, and politely say hello and tell em you are changing your life for the better by being 100% confident until the end of your days.
Thank them for listening and move on. Smile when you do it and if its a group of girls do this - confidently put each of your hands on a girls shoulders while you are talking right off the bat. - I will explain the massive benefit this has in the world of confidence and game later on, but you will notice a significantly more positive and attentive reaction from the ladies ( but make sure you don't sneak up on them and creep em the fuck out and then touch em...or if you do film it and send it to me =P), this also works with 1 girl but dont fuck it up.

DO IT. your confidence will be over 8999 THOUSAND! and you will feel amazing, unstoppable, and might get a number along the way.

Report in with your results and we can go over em.

Trust me, do this- it will blow your mind to be a man instead of a pussy, it feels fucking good! you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Good luck ,

Clarence Miller

Monday, January 10, 2011

So you wanna pick up girls....

There will be a tutorial coming up on the finer mechanics of getting yourself from geek to freak involving eye contact, body language and various other very important lessons, but there are prerequisites just as highschool is to univercity, being fresh is to having game. So we are going to build you from the ground up... SO STEP UP THA FRESHNESS!!

Wat do?

 - 1. BE CLEAN and CLEAN CUT. wash daily, use deodorant (speedstick with no aluminum) - aluminum shit gives you memory loss and cancer. Have a perfectly trimmed facial hair or none at all. Hit up the hood barber and get a fresh cut. Try something out of your comfort zone perhaps (lines, etc.). A good haircut can make you feel like a million bucks and boost your confidence, and trust me...people notice.

- 2. SMELL FRESH attract GOODNESS . GIORGIO ARMANI - attitude...this will start you off on the right path or try out DAVIDOFF - cool water. but for great win believe it or not , women perfumes attract girls like you wouldn't believe... tried and tested VERSACE - bright chrystal....shits like pheromones x 2, you might be challenged or questioned on why you are wearing girly stuff however so only do this if your super confident and can deal with the pressure or smart enough to excuse it.

- 3. LOOK FRESH! Dont EVER wear those stupid shirts with lame sayings on em or a corona shirt or dumb shit like that. Get some style man. Hit up a club and look at the guys with a lot of girls, they generally will be dressed well or flashy in some way, Copy THEM. Humans are animals , we got our mating dance, mating calls (singing) and the peacock with confidence and the nicest feathers gets tha poon. The way you dress is super important. ( you can comment and ask for some style tips, I'll help u out).

This is the beginning of a LOT of info I will be posting on the matter. If you follow everything that I put in this blog your life will improve greater than you could have ever imagined.

Hit me up with a comment and I'll drop by and do the same daily, everyone in this world has something to teach just have to be open to learning it.


Clarence Miller

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My arrival

I have arrived on the internet. Knowledge and secrets shall be shared