Monday, January 10, 2011

So you wanna pick up girls....

There will be a tutorial coming up on the finer mechanics of getting yourself from geek to freak involving eye contact, body language and various other very important lessons, but there are prerequisites just as highschool is to univercity, being fresh is to having game. So we are going to build you from the ground up... SO STEP UP THA FRESHNESS!!

Wat do?

 - 1. BE CLEAN and CLEAN CUT. wash daily, use deodorant (speedstick with no aluminum) - aluminum shit gives you memory loss and cancer. Have a perfectly trimmed facial hair or none at all. Hit up the hood barber and get a fresh cut. Try something out of your comfort zone perhaps (lines, etc.). A good haircut can make you feel like a million bucks and boost your confidence, and trust me...people notice.

- 2. SMELL FRESH attract GOODNESS . GIORGIO ARMANI - attitude...this will start you off on the right path or try out DAVIDOFF - cool water. but for great win believe it or not , women perfumes attract girls like you wouldn't believe... tried and tested VERSACE - bright chrystal....shits like pheromones x 2, you might be challenged or questioned on why you are wearing girly stuff however so only do this if your super confident and can deal with the pressure or smart enough to excuse it.

- 3. LOOK FRESH! Dont EVER wear those stupid shirts with lame sayings on em or a corona shirt or dumb shit like that. Get some style man. Hit up a club and look at the guys with a lot of girls, they generally will be dressed well or flashy in some way, Copy THEM. Humans are animals , we got our mating dance, mating calls (singing) and the peacock with confidence and the nicest feathers gets tha poon. The way you dress is super important. ( you can comment and ask for some style tips, I'll help u out).

This is the beginning of a LOT of info I will be posting on the matter. If you follow everything that I put in this blog your life will improve greater than you could have ever imagined.

Hit me up with a comment and I'll drop by and do the same daily, everyone in this world has something to teach just have to be open to learning it.


Clarence Miller


  1. Ay man, nice info, but you gotta tell the people about your swagger.
    You know, how you carry yourself.
    Keep it up, son.

  2. Definately an important point I will be covering, thanks for reminding me. I studied a guide written by a several decades long F.B.I. agent on body language. I will drop off reports soon. It shows dominant/ passive body signals -- the geeky way of sayin SWAG