Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Practice Method

Consider this a workshop for growing balls.

Tomorrow go to a public place and walk up to any girl.. or hardmode - group of girls, and politely say hello and tell em you are changing your life for the better by being 100% confident until the end of your days.
Thank them for listening and move on. Smile when you do it and if its a group of girls do this - confidently put each of your hands on a girls shoulders while you are talking right off the bat. - I will explain the massive benefit this has in the world of confidence and game later on, but you will notice a significantly more positive and attentive reaction from the ladies ( but make sure you don't sneak up on them and creep em the fuck out and then touch em...or if you do film it and send it to me =P), this also works with 1 girl but dont fuck it up.

DO IT. your confidence will be over 8999 THOUSAND! and you will feel amazing, unstoppable, and might get a number along the way.

Report in with your results and we can go over em.

Trust me, do this- it will blow your mind to be a man instead of a pussy, it feels fucking good! you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Good luck ,

Clarence Miller


  1. i'm usually in the camp of people who attempt this but end up freaking them out.

    forever alone.

  2. You're closer than the people that dont attempt. If you are interested I will personally give you some links or info to check out. If you want to, record a voice or video of your attempt and upload and link it, I will coach you through. Anyone can make it.

  3. Thanks for your post on my blog. Nice tips for all the lads out there. Cheers. P.S. New Follower

  4. I don't know..I think a girl would punch me in the nose if I tried to just put my hand on their shoulder...but good advice and ideas.

  5. John H, thanks a lot I got you back.

    Jimmy, touching a girl right off the bat is super important, it will lay the groundwork and get you in bed with the girl fast. YOU are in charge, not the girl. I will teach you how to open properly and to touch without it bein weird and getting your beautiful nose punched. #1 thing with the touching is confidence and EYE CONTACT which i will be going over soon. Watch Keys to the VIP episode with CAJUN, watch the way he opens on girls 100X better than he should be getting and leaves with their numbers as far as i remember he touches EVERY SINGLE ONE a lot and their friends too.

  6. Well, I don't know how beautiful my nose is, but I think you are imparting knowledge here that can be useful in many facets of life, so i will keep tuned.