Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Posture , Confidence and Dominance

The way you stand , sit and move are all very important. They can tell you A LOT about a person, meaning that they also tell a lot about you. Now that you know this you can use this to your advantage to better your life. Many of these things are subconscious to people but if you follow this advice you will notice positive change with males and females alike.

1. Standing. When you stand , generally stand chest out chin up...almost like a soldier. NO SLOUCHING. Learn to stand properly straight. At first it might be a bit of work if you have been slouching for a long time but here are some things to help you out - Chiropractor ..they will straighten you out to start off, they work miracles on your health believe it or not. - Do lower back workouts/ running/swimming. this will help you stand straight easier and make you feel much better. Not only will you display dominance and confidence standing straight with chin will also be several inches taller, again a huge benefit.

 2. Sitting/Relaxing. When you are sitting/ leaning or laying. TAKE UP SPACE.. As much as you can, aslong as you look relaxed. ex. sitting, lay your arms on the nearby chairs, put your foot on another - this signifies that you are dominant and confident because that space is YOURS (obviously give someone a chair if they need it, dont be a prick). I was once complimented on the way I ate pizza, i was standing , leaning on a counter deeply one arm supporting me, head back , slowly relaxedly feeding myself like a roman back in the day would feed himself grapes. When laying down , spread your legs and your arms and just be as comfortable as possible, drape your arms and legs over chairs/ couches - People notice.

3. Moving. When you move make your moves slow and deliberate, you are important so move like you are important. Walk relaxed and with purpose. You can swag walk moving your shoulders, or walk tall and relaxed. Check out youtube and search up how cool people walk and what looks good to you, dont shuffle around like a pussy, dont drag your feet.

Tons more to come people - this will all go into far more detail. How to open, converse, facial expression, tone of voice and a hell of a lot more body language lessons will be taught aswell as - WHAT GIRLS WANT. I am here to help anyone that needs it personally, leave a comment and I'll help you out.

Clarence Miller

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