Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A sidenote

Get your friends involved, learning to pick up girls should be a fun process. Go out in a group and film each other for some laughs and send links so i can see your progress, take vids from the back if you want to conceal your identity. Hook up your friends and fellow bloggers with a link to this blog and get em to follow so they can study and soon you will all experience a far better life.
Message me your blogs as well, I would like to know more about you guys. Comment any questions for a quick answer.

And guys...Follow these instructions, practice, and I'll have you dating finer women than you could have ever imagined in no time.

Clarence Miller


  1. bro im always looking for some good tips, i wouldnt say im the worst with women cause ive gotten a few kills so far but its always good to be reminded of this subconscious shit cause it just leads to girls secretly wanting you which makes your approach so easy its retarded haha

  2. Yea man this blog is for all skill levels man, it will get anyone from zero to hero and from hero to god. Follow if you can and come back regularly, I do my best to update every day. The really good stuff is still to come.


  3. your favorite book on your profile gave me a lul

  4. Thanks for all the tips matey. I'll follow you till the end! Peace

  5. Haha interesting blog to say the least, in a relationship though. Followed

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  7. Interesting blog, always looking for some more tips ;). Following you now!

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