Friday, February 25, 2011

2 #'s in the last 2 days

I got a few numbers in the last couple days from some cuties, and could have gotten more. Here are some things I've been doing..
behaving very relaxed, throwing in big smiles, deep and heavy eye contact and touching these girls right off the bat. I also always have a very direct approach, I don't do the friend zone thing, they always know what I'm about. I tell em they are cute. I'm also always throwing an arm around a shoulder, touching on the arm sincerely when explaining things, and putting a hand on a leg when I feel they're ready. Touching girls right in the beginning is a MUST, you then gradually up the touches to more sexual places, you don't just put your hand on a bum out right.

Search up KINO escalation on youtube n watch all parts.

Your welcome ;)

This is pretty much the key, watch your life change



  1. definitely let them know you are not just a friend :) good stuff keep it up!

  2. Great tips. I read the game like a year ago, and while I don't agree with everything in the book, especially his attitude towards woman, there are some great tips for improving your chances. As you said, I have found touching is key, it jumps you straight past the friendzone, lets the girl know what your there for, and also ensures you don't waste your time with girls who just aren't interested. You find out straight away and can move on.

  3. Lol KINO seems so alien straight off...but does get results

  4. i do the same thing man, works like a dream

  5. !!Hello man !!!

    Cool post!!

    nice weekend BRO!!

  6. Great stuff, glad I'm following!

  7. there's a different system for picking up the challenging girls. those ones, the ones who know the whole game, are a lot more interesting to try to seduce.

  8. Actually went reading The Game after seeing those video's. This shit is more than just interesting!